Donkey trekking Ardèche

We offer hikes with our donkeys in the heart of the Ardèche!


Starting in April, our sympathetic donkeys will take you on a discovery hike through the magnificent region of Ardèche. Departing from Chalencon or the neighboring village Saint-Jean de Chambre, there are round trips lasting half a day up to two days available.

- Half-day hike:

From Chalencon: Route through the surroundings of Chalencon, following a theme path with a wonderful view on the valley of Eyrieux, passing the central square and the terraces of the old village you reach a plateau with a huge panorama. Make your way back through the other side of the village.

From Saint-Jean de Chambre: Route through meadows and forests studded with enchanting panoramas of Mont Gerbier des Joncs and Mont Mézenc, crossing the tree houses of "Larbrousse". Maybe you can see the horses and alpacas around.

- All-day hike:

From Chalencon: Stating with a transition through the village and the lovely countryside you are heading Silhac. There you find time to visit its church and take a break. Continue your hike through the meadows and forests discovering little fortresses and head back entering the east side of the village.

You are welcome to stay the night after the hike in our charming accommodations.

- Two-day hike:

From Chalencon:

in your own tent: On the first day you will hike towards Vernoux passing Silhac and sleep in your tents at the riverside in Les Blaches, where you can find comfortable sanitary installations. The next day you turn back to Chalencon wandering through a wonderful landscape with meadows, forests and small villages.

in the lodge/hotel room: The lodge called Pray d’Aunay is sited in the contryside of Silhac with a grandiose panorama to the south and even provides a pool to enjoy. The hiking path is comparable to the preceding route.

in a hotel: This trip follows beautiful panoramas in direction of Saint-Jean de Chambre, then turns to the forest of Puy. Overnight stay for 2 guests in the hotel La Forêt du Puy, specialists of the sweet chestnut growing in the region. On your route back you hike on a mountain range 800 meters above the sea. From there you have a fantastic view on Vercors mountains in the east as well as on Mont Mézenc and Mont Gerbier des Joncs in the west.

in the tree houses of Saint-Julien Labrousse: The tour is comparable to the preceding route.




Prices for a donkey hike: please reserve beforehand!

* half-day hike (morning or afternoon from 14 o’clock): 1 donkey 40

* all-day hike: 1 donkey 60 €, 2 donkeys 110 €

* two-day hike: 1 donkey 110 €, 2 donkeys 210 €


+ 1 donkey fits well for a family or group up to 5 persons.

+ Die donkeys are equipped with a packsaddle and two saddlebags, which you can use to carry your picnic.

+ Before you start, we will thoroughly explain to you how to deal with a donkey and hand out a map of your track and its surroundings. Plus, we send you a small list of reasonable advices in advance to prepare you for your hike.

+ The distance of our hikes do not account to more than 15 km per day.

+ Donkeys can carry only up to 40 kg maximum (the saddle weighs already around 5kg).

+ Children can ride on the donkey if they are tired – in the full responsability of the parents (from 3-year-old). Please bring a bike helmet or the like in case you want to make use of this.


* For further information and the booking of a donkey hike please fill in our contact form.


* Our recommendations:

- Arrive in Les Soleillas the evening before your hike and start off after a restful night in our Saharian tent or the retro caravan.

- Sleep at our place between two donkey hikes and discover another route the next day!

- Enjoy cycling along the Dolce Via (flat cycling route, stop at the Pont de Chervil, for 5€ per person we come to pick you up) and sleep here to guide a donkey in the hights of the Ardèche the other day. After that, you can continue your bike route.