The donkey nosiness


The donkey nosiness. . .


small handy guide developed by countries,

which you will save hours of research of information,

preparation before your trip to the destination

of your choice, here are its contents:


The host country:


- information on its history, its culture, and its state of mind, - Transmission

of a lexicon of words minimum (with pronunciation) to learn to cope in the country,

- time offset

- which you have to provide for your daily down there: the money, places of banks of withdrawal in the corner,

following the country products to take sometimes not found in the host country

- identity papers to foresee -

points of phone - network tel (notebook) or not

- the(s) means of Transport to get you there

- the good safe rules to follow depending on the country

- the time / climate following the month

- health insurance coverage to predict, possibly vaccines

- For some countries: conditions of women and dress

- conditions, minimum age as possible for the children




Hiking with the donkey:


Before any: a small topo on the asses of the host country: races, use


For your circuit of hiking, you is transmitted:


- Tips for hiking with a donkey (except Morocco, circuit accompanied with mule and his master)

- The preparation of your baggage before from hiking

- the observance of the maximum weight door by the donkey and mule,

- the affairs of hiking essential according to the country of destination and the period in the year

- the equipment provided for the donkey or mule on site -

Content emergency kit to predict

- If rando free without guide: transmission of an extract from map hiking trails in the circuit as well as a descriptive of

circuit with legend of the circuit explanation of markings of hiking used in the sector of the circuit,

translated into French or English next Your country.




The conduct of your stay:


- the arrival, place, time of reception by the 1st hoster

- the time, date, place and duration of the initiation to the rando donkey

- The duration of the steps and topo elevations/day, -

brief, but clear, Description of steps, lodging of the evening




  • Our guide "the donkey nosiness" will be sent to you once you we'll send your confirmation of desire of from hiking in one of the countries that you have chosen.