Marcel & Lola


Ladies and Gentlemen,


You are sensitive to the cause of the donkeys of the world and want a musical intervention within the framework of the organization of an event defending these causes OR

You simply want a musical animation warm for your event public or private (vernissage exhibition, anniversary, corporate event, restaurant, cafe or associative coffee concert, ... )

=> Our duo clarinet - guitar "Marcel & Lola" offers you his compositions "folk zen" various influences (hispano, irish-canadian cajun, reggae, rock, jazz-funk, zen ... ), of fredonnees melodies, and songs: "Parties ass" in honor of donkeys, "Slow move" in the spirit of the slow movement, slow food, slow education, and "Are Going to good wind" small parody on the future of our planet ...


◊ For places interested and conducive to this, we offer you a projection in the continuity of our musical performance, videos of shiatsus on donkeys and horses, as well as a slideshow on the circuits in donkeys (and mûles) Solidarity abroad (Portugal, Morocco, Italy) and in France (Ardeche).  This will be the opportunity to introduce our association Donkeys Without Borders, its objectives, its actions.